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Centerpieces 101 – PT. 2 (Non-Floral Centerpieces)

Hi Friends! Wedding planner Allie Dauzat here to continue our conversation on centerpieces!

While we absolutely adore floral accents, some of our couples prefer the non-floral route. The cool thing about selecting a unique & non-traditional space for your reception, is you do have the opportunity to go non traditional in your decor accents as well, and you just don’t need a heck of a lot to bring your Pinterest Pins to life on your big day!

When considering your budget, and where you want to invest in your day, selecting a non-floral option can show you major savings. Now whether your style lends more to lanterns and LED candles, dried florals & pompas in assorted eclectic bottles, books, or to faux arrangements… the possibilities are truly endless, and we’re always here to help you decide! 

Our tented venue at Lyman Orchards Golf Club has this light and airy vibe to it. I love the gold terrariums this couple sourced for their wedding here. Also the assorted clear bottles with faux greens and cut crystal votives paired with this light chiffon table runner really reflect the space and their own personal taste. 

Centerpieces 101 PT. 2 (Non Floral Centerpieces) 1
Centerpieces 101 PT. 2 (Non Floral Centerpieces) 2

In our beautifully finished barn, The Pavilion on Crystal Lake, our couple provided these cool open air wooden lanterns and LED candles. What’s great about providing elements like these is it puts us to work for you. You’ll be able to bring us all your LED candles and lanterns the week leading up to the big day – and we’ll take care of placing those all out for you.


In our historic dairy barn, The Barns at Wesleyan Hills – the apex of the post and beam construction is filled with all of the drama that rustic wedding dreams are made of. Some of our couples really prefer that ceiling to be the focal point, and opt for a simple touch in the decor they select for the rest of the space. Going minimal in your centerpieces doesn’t mean boring though – we love when our couples add a touch of their personality, like this couple did with adding books to their centerpieces!

Centerpieces 101 PT. 2 (Non Floral Centerpieces) 5
Centerpieces 101 PT. 2 (Non Floral Centerpieces) 6

Also pictured at The Barns; our eclectic couple opted for these fun & colorful assorted bottles filled with dried florals and pampas grass they collected throughout their engagements. They even added a touch of silk florals – which look incredibly realistic, I almost forgot they were not real!

No matter what you do, remember that this is YOUR day and should be a reflection of you and your relationship. We cannot wait to hear the ideas you’re coming up with! 

Now that we’ve focused on centerpieces, there are so many more details on your tables that can really set your wedding day apart and bring your true wedding style to life!! 

Your planning besties here are all about bringing your wedding style through on your big day and telling your love story…so be sure to stay tuned. We have been working on very exciting project that will have your Pinterest board and design dreams come true!!

We can’t wait for the big reveal soon!!