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Opening 12/31/24
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CWG Spotlight: Vanessa Pizzoferrato – Bar Manager / Head Mixologist

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What do you love most about your job?

The electric atmosphere at all of our CWG venues on wedding days is truly the highlight of my bartending career! I love seeing how excited our couples are and being there for the gathering of the families and the reuniting of friends! I love witnessing all the happiness and all of the funny stories the bartenders are told by their guests throughout the night makes the experience so fun! What makes my job a lot easier is working with well experienced staff and a dream team mixology crew here at CT Wedding Group!
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Do you have any tips for couples picking their signature cocktail?

Absolutely! I recommend trying all of our seasonal signature cocktails at the menu tasting event and narrowing down what your favorite is with your partner throughout the planning process. I’m always happy to answer questions about signature drinks for our couples at the tasting and throughout planning to help them decide what signature drink would be best for their wedding day!
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What’s your favorite Autumn Signature Drink?

One of my favorite signature drinks for Autumn is our Pomegranate Cranberry Margarita, it’s infused with Ginger Simple Syrup and such a delicious choice. I love seeing how excited the wedding guests are to try a unique drink recommended by the couple on the day of the wedding!
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