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Engagement Story – Taylor & Chris

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We hope you enjoyed reading Liz and Brian’s love story! Next up, Taylor & Chris, who celebrated with us at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills last January! We hope you’re enjoying learning more about our couples first hand experiences as much as we love reliving their Best Day Ever with them!

How did you get engaged?! Tell us your engagement story!

Chris knows that Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. In 2021, he did not want to propose on the actual holiday, but my family went to get our Christmas trees that weekend, like we always do. I had no idea that he was planning on proposing (as you can see by my outfit in the photos), so I dragged him all over the tree farm to find the perfect tree. The poor guy was carrying the ring in his pocket all morning, sweating and nervous, while I was being picky and stubborn. Finally, we agreed on the best tree and I turned around to hand my dogs’ leashes to my sister so that I could help Chris with the tree. When I turned back around he was down on one knee and asked, “Now that we found our tree, will you marry me?” I was completely shocked and fell to my knees! We were on the ground for a little bit while I was hugging him and saying “yes” then “wow” over and over again. Prior to this moment I had hoped the engagement was coming, but I was not expecting it to happen in that setting at all. However, he could not have picked a more perfect place or time! A bunch of my family (who had already found their trees and were waiting for us) were just as surprised as I was and joined us for a little breakfast celebration afterwards. Luckily, we visit the same tree farm every year and we get to remember and celebrate our engagement every time!

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How did you find CT Wedding Group?

We found CT Wedding Group through a little online search for venues near our location. As soon as we saw pictures of The Barns, we knew we had to schedule a visit. We were looking for a rustic feel for our wedding, and the pictures online were wonderful. 

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How did you know the venue was your venue?

We knew The Barns was our venue because of the feeling it gave us…it felt like home! Don’t get me wrong, the look of The Barns is what initially drew us in, but once we walked into the big barn and felt its warmth, it was a no brainer. With a winter wedding we wanted our guests, and ourselves, to feel warm and cozy (but not in a cramped, sweaty way). The character of every single wall and the overall atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for for our big day. At the time of our initial visit, the wonderful welcome and kindness of the CT Wedding Group team was just an added bonus that made us both feel the instant gratification of a perfect decision!

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What are your top 3 favorite moments from your wedding day?

Our top three favorite moments from our wedding day all happened in a sequence (none more important than the others, just listed in order). 

First, our first look! This moment was so special because after spending the whole morning apart it was such a rush of happy, excited emotion to finally see each other on our big day. We certainly made our first look our own (with pictures to prove it), but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

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Second, the ceremony itself! This 30 minutes of our wedding day was very meaningful, and not only because it was the actual marriage part! To be honest, I don’t remember much of what was said, but I didn’t let go of his hands throughout the whole ceremony. We were both so proud to be standing there with each other, and it was really nice to have a little time to just look at each other before the party really began. 

Third, our introduction into the reception! Just like everyone else, we wanted an introduction that was unique to us…so walking in with a leather jacket and sunglasses seemed to fit. Our DJ did a perfect job and it was such an amazing feeling having all of our friends and family in one big room cheering us on. What a way to start our life together! All three of these moments felt like individual times that we were able to enjoy during our day, but when we really look back the transitions were incredible and the day flowed beautifully. But to be perfectly honest, only picking three moments is hard. Our whole day was our favorite!!!

What do your guests still talk about from your wedding day?!

Even though it has almost been a year, our guests still talk about our wedding day! We have heard multiple comments from family and friends saying that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to! Even the people who have recently been married themselves tell us it’s in the “top 5 best weddings” they have been to. (We secretly know it’s the best, but they just don’t want to admit that in front of everyone else!) Everyone who brings up our wedding day always mentions the atmosphere. They are impressed with how cozy and homey our venue felt, without being too cramped or uncomfortable. Then, they always make sure to mention the delicious food. Everyone left our wedding full and happy, including Chris and myself! The only complaint we ever get from anyone about our wedding day is how much their feet hurt after dancing for so long! 

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If a couple was considering getting married with CT Wedding Group what would you tell them?

DO IT! GO FOR IT! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?! My husband and I did not have to worry about a single thing on our wedding day. The amazing team at CT Wedding group walked us through the entire process from the moment we signed the paperwork. By the time the wedding came, all I had to do was sit back and enjoy it! Isn’t that what you want on your wedding day…to actually be able to remember what happened and live in each moment??? 

The organization and professionalism of the whole CT Wedding Group team is the absolute best. Every single person we worked with made us feel like our wedding was the only wedding they were working on that year! They listened to all of our ideas and helped us make the wedding we were hoping for become a reality. The decorations and venue were stunning. Exactly what I had pictured and wanted to look back on for years and years in photos. The transitions between events were completely flawless, and really fast! To this day, I still have no idea how they transformed the Big Barn so quickly from the ceremony to the reception, but it was magic. The food still makes my mouth water when I think about it. I can’t wait for someone else we know to get married there so we can go back and enjoy everything again. The DJ was awesome and kept the party going all night long. Lastly, my husband and I had the time of our lives. We honestly wish we could do it all over again…every month! Our wedding was effortless (on our part) and felt like a dream. We are eternally grateful to CT Wedding Group for providing us with the perfect day to cherish and remember forever!


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