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Our Engagement Story – Angela & Jacob

We hope you enjoyed reading Jess & Bryan’s love story! Next up, Angela & Jacob who celebrated with us at The Pavilion on Crystal Lake back in October! We hope you’re enjoying learning more about our couples first hand experiences as much as we love reliving their Best Day Ever with them!

Us: How did you get engaged?! Tell us your engagement story! 

A+J: At Angela’s annual family beach weekend in Old Saybrook, we were walking to take our traditional pictures on the jetty. Jacob tried to remain calm, with the ring box in pocket, just trying to maintain small talk. It was about 50ft onto the jetty when Angela looked over and told Jacob she had a dream the night before that the two had gotten engaged. THE PERFECT set up for Jacob to reply with “Lets make that dream a reality”, while dropping to a knee and pulling out the ring, with both of our families in the near distance watching on! Angela in complete shock exclaimed “yes!” 

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US: How did you find CT Wedding Group?

A + J: We first saw CT Wedding Group in some searches on The Knot. The stunning venues & amazing looking cuisine is what drew our attention. After reading the raving reviews on The Knot we decided to request the tour/meeting. It was the incredible response time and friendly nature that made us extremely comfortable going into those first meetings. One of the biggest draws of the CT Wedding Group for us was the team helping us along the entire journey, from vendor search to every little detail the day of.  

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US: How did you know the venue was your venue?

A + J: Our request was originally to see The Barns. Michelle Moody took us on an amazing tour, and we both liked the venue a lot. Once getting back to the office to discuss more, we spotted pictures of The Pavilion on Crystal Lake. Inquiring more about the Pavilion, Michelle offered to take us there as it was just a few minutes away! (The accommodation was incredible always)! Upon getting there we saw the spectacular sights of the Lake and foliage all around. Walking into the venue we were greeted with bright sunshine coming from the massive windows overlooking the lake. It was spacious but still intimate and had that rustic feel we were really going for. We didn’t even leave the Pavilion before grabbing our date of Oct.8, 2023. 

img blog Our Engagement Story Angela & Jacob

US: What are your top 3 favorite moments from your wedding day?

A+J: Choosing 3 favorite moments from our wedding day is next to impossible as there were so many high points, and everything was literally perfect. One of the earliest favorite moments was having our own private cocktail hour in the bridal suite directly following our pictures at the venue. This gave us not only an opportunity to make sure we got to enjoy all the incredible food being served, but also a time to privately reflect on the day up to that point and just enjoy time with each other. We are so thankful CT Wedding Group did that. 

Another top moment of the day was our first dance. The entire room was so happy for us watching us share that first dance as a married couple, smiling, crying, and laughing is something we will never forget!

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And finally, as the night was winding down, the two of us went up to the balcony to watch all our guests on the dance floor enjoying themselves and having the best time. It was a moment that made all the hard work and planning worth it. I suggest anyone that has a reception at the Pavilion, take a few minutes to stand on the balcony with your partner and just take it all in. 

US: What do your guests still talk about from your wedding day?!

A + J: Our guest will forever talk about how amazing all of the food was. Everything from cocktail hour to the main course was perfect and people continue to tell us they never have had better food at a wedding in their lives! Everyone also mentions how friendly and professional all the staff were. Our wedding party specifically loved working with Lexi and how organized she kept everyone! Thanks Lexi! 

US: If a couple was considering getting married with CT Wedding Group what would you tell them?

A+J: DON’T WAIT! Our experience with CT Wedding Group was incredible and we can’t say enough good things about the people and their work. I don’t know how we would have made our wedding anywhere near as special as it was without all the help of the team at CT Wedding Group. We worked with multiple people on the team throughout our planning process, each of them just as brilliant and professional as the next one. Lexi made everything come together so perfectly the day of, we can’t thank her enough! If you are considering any of the CT Wedding Group venues, you’re going to get a world class team helping you along the entire journey

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