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Our Engagement Story – Liz and Brian 

We hope you enjoyed reading Angela & Jacob’s love story! Next up, Liz and Brian, who celebrated with us at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills last year! We hope you’re enjoying learning more about our couples first hand experiences as much as we love reliving their Best Day Ever with them!

US – How did you get engaged?! Tell us your engagement story!

L + B – Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is special to both of us, Liz’s favorite holiday, Brian’s favorite time of year, filled with our favorite things- family, food, friends and football. Brian and Liz’s parents had planned and practiced (multiple times) to make the moment a perfect Hallmark moment (Liz’s favorite) and they succeeded. When we took our dog, Ollie out to the bathroom, all of a sudden the house lit up with Christmas lights and Brian got down on one knee. What made it extra special was we had our alone moment, but then got to celebrate with all our family, including Brian’s mom (who lives in North Carolina, but was here for Thanksgiving). Not to mention it was all caught on video thanks to Brian and Dad setting up a tripod (that Liz never noticed). It was a perfect moment, and we thought that was our best day ever, but it just got better from there! 

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US – How did you find CT Wedding Group?

L + B – In typical Liz and Brian fashion, we had multiple Google spreadsheets filled with venues in CT. We did research and found The Barns online

US – How did you know the venue was your venue?

L + B – This was a really cool feeling. They say when you know you know in relationships, well the same thing with The Barns. Some background on us is we are huge planners, never jump the gun or make impulse decisions.

When we opened the car door as we pulled into the barns, we looked at each other and went “oh boy, let’s not get too excited”, but we were overcome with awe at the beauty of the venue (AND THIS WAS JUST BEING OUTSIDE). We had the opportunity to meet with Jessica and Marybeth that day, who listened to what we were looking for, our ideas and thoughts, etc. They did not make it seem like “a business deal” or that they were trying to “sell us the venue”. We immediately left, got in the car and said “yup this is it”… we also said we felt like we knew Jessica and Marybeth and wanted to hug them as we left. It took us five minutes to send a message and lock down a date. Did I mention this was all BEFORE we were engaged? That’s how well we knew this was the place. 

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US – What are your top 3 favorite moments from your wedding day?

L + B – This is a very hard one for us!!! We had so many BEST DAY EVER moments. Some of our favorites included (in no particular order).

  1. Our post “I Do” bridal suite moment. After the ceremony Casey (our amazing wedding coordinator)pulled us into the bridal suite and we were able to be alone (with a HUGE platter of every appetizer). We were able to breathe, eat and have the OMG WE ARE MARRIED moment, just the two of us. It was amazing. 

  2. Chicken tenders and fries moment- ok this is such a good one. Brian and I had told Casey a story about another wedding where we got the kids meal of chicken tenders and fries and how much we loved that. I mean who doesn’t love chicken tenders and fries. Well as we walked up the aisle after we said I Do, Casey handed us a plate of chicken tenders and fries. We were SO surprised and excited. It was so cool and just a perfect example of how they listen to who you are as a couple and create moments like this to make your day perfect.

  3. Confetti Cannon!!! We decided to add on a confetti cannon and it was such a great decision. Not only were guests so surprised, but it was SO FUN. 

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US – What do your guests still talk about from your wedding day?!

L + B – The Food!!! Our friends and family (who are filled with a lot of foodies), still talk about the food. The abundance of food, the variety, the quality! 

The attention to detail (service, decor, etc). Multiple friends and family still talk about the attention to detail staff had. How there was always someone right there to help, to serve, etc. with great personalities and smiles on their faces. Everyone talks about “our wedding coordinator” AKA Casey. How she absolutely killed it, and was always there for us, but also anyone who needed her, but was calm and happy the entire night. 

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US – If a couple was considering getting married with CT Wedding Group what would you tell them?

L + B – Do it!!!!  

The peace of mind and confidence the staff gave us through this entire process was such a great feeling. We enjoyed every moment of the planning process because of them. We were NEVER stressed, and had so much fun working with the team. We actually are having withdrawals that it is over! 

From start to finish, the team listened to who we are, what we wanted in our day and they executed it in a way I never dreamt possible. From listening to my favorite ice cream flavor and adding it to the ice cream bar, to letting us incorporate our family Italian cookie tradition (and even packing them up in bags and passing them to guests as they left). From little moments, to the big ones, they created our personal best day ever. 

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